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Update Progress Note Title

Progress Notes can be renamed at the individual note or Company Template level. Let’s review. 

Updating the Title of a Single Note

  1. Providers can update the Title of their Progress Note to one of the following:
    1. Progress Note (Default)
    2. Re-Evaluation
    3. Re-Examination 
  2. From the note, click the Title drop-down and choose an updated name from the Rename note section.
  3. The title will automatically update based on the selection.
  4. This is very valuable for payers who require specific note titles for billing. 

Updating All Progress Note Titles

Company Admins can change the title of Progress Notes in Templates for each of the four disciplines. 

  1. From SOAP 1.0, go to the Company drop-down menu, select SOAP Templates.
  2. Edit an existing Company Template or copy a WebPT Template by expanding the Progress Note section to display the template for each discipline.
  3. For this example, we’ll update the title of our PT Progress Note from our Company Templates. Hover over the template and click the Edit icon.
  4. From the Select Progress Note Type Name drop-down, choose your preferred Title.
  5. The Title of the Template will change as soon as you make your selection.
  6. Click Publish Template.
  7. A warning dialog states this will apply to all users of the selected discipline and note type going forward. Click Apply.
  8. In the Company Templates section, expand the Progress Note. Because we updated the default Progress Note template for PTs, all future PT Progress Notes will now be titled Re-Evaluation.
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