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Charge Summary: Carry Forward

CPT® Codes added to the Charge Summary section of the note will carry forward onto subsequent notes with a few key exceptions. Let’s review. 

  1. Let’s start with our evaluation. We’ve added three codes to the charge summary. Here is a look at our finalized note.
  2. Let’s open a Daily Note and access the Charge Summary section. First, we’ll see a Last updated date. This indicates information has carried forward from a previous note. Click on the section.
  3. Next, we’ll see that only two of three charges have carried forward. This is the intended behavior. Evaluation codes will not carry forward.
  4. We can also see that the Minutes fields are blank. This is also intentional. We don’t want to assume that the treatment minutes are consistent, even if the billed codes are. 
  5. Attempting to Sign the note without completing the Charge Entry section will create the following error.
  6. The section turns red and indicates that it is a required field. Click the Add to Note button to add the charges to your note. You can also edit the charges on this page.
  7. Confirm that the charges apply to the services rendered, add any charges and minutes. Click Sign when you’re ready. 
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