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Payer Alerts

Payer alerts allow you to enter key insurance information when adding or editing an insurance record. These alerts populate on patient appointments, within the patient chart, and on the Charge Summary. Note: These are only notifications and will not prevent a user from taking actions that contradict the alert information.

You cannot add a payer alert to the system's default Self Pay insurance. If you need to add a payer alert to the Self Pay insurance, you'll need to create your own custom Self Pay insurance. Learn how to create an insurance here.

Adding a Payer Alert

When creating or editing an insurance record, you have the option of including Appointment or Patient Chart/Charge Summary alerts. 

Let's review how to access the Payer Alerts for insurance. 

  1. Navigate to the Insurance Manager and select Display Insurances.
  2. Next, use the insurance search fields to narrow down your search results and click Search
  3. Results display below. 
  4. For the insurance record that needs payer alerts added, click Edit
  5. Under the Details section is the Payer Alert fields, enter the payer alert information into the appropriate fields. 
    1. Note: You are limited to 256 characters for the appointments field and 500 characters for the patient chart field. This ensures each alert has enough room to display fully.
  6. Once you have finished entering the Payer Alert information, click Edit Insurance to save your updates.

Appointment Alerts

Alerts on the patient appointment display for the primary and secondary insurance. When adding an appointment, the alert will display at the bottom near the save button.

The alert will also display in the appointment hover window.

Patient Chart Alerts

The patient’s chart will display any alerts added to the primary and secondary insurance listed in the patient’s case.

Charge Summary Alerts (SOAP 2.0 Only)

Payer Alerts shown in the Charges Summary section are pulled from the Patient Chart alerts field on the Insurance record. Alerts related to the patient's primary insurance will display in the Charge Summary. Note: Payer Alerts will not show on finalized notes.

Secondary insurance payer alerts will now be displayed in the Charge Summary section of the note. If the secondary insurance has a payer alert, particular payer rules can be viewed prior to treatment.

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