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Transitioning to SOAP 2.0

SOAP 2.0 is WebPT’s next-generation documentation system, and was designed from the ground up with the goal of creating world-class workflows so therapists can spend more time with patients—not documenting. 

Enabling SOAP 2.0

  • SOAP 2.0 is applied on a case-by-case basis, which means you can begin using SOAP 2.0 for one patient, and continue documenting in SOAP 1.0 for another patient’s case.

Transitioning from 1.0 to 2.0

  1. Navigate to the patient's chart. SOAP 1.0 documentation can be viewed in the Records section.
    Note: Data entered in SOAP 1.0 notes will not carry forward into SOAP 2.0, meaning that if you transition a patient in the middle of a case, you’ll need to copy your most recent evaluative note into SOAP 2.0. 
  2. To begin documenting in 2.0, select the Click here to document faster button.
  3. Create a new note to transition the patient to SOAP 2.0. Once you have finalized a note in SOAP 2.0, the data will carry forward for all future 2.0 notes.
  4. Once a patient’s case has been converted to SOAP 2.0, that specific case will no longer support documenting new notes in 1.0. You can always view and addend your finalized 1.0 documentation as needed, but all new SOAP notes and case notes must occur in SOAP 2.0.

Providing Feedback

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the product. We invite you to participate in this WebPT Idea Portal where you can share your ideas, view other members’ SOAP 2.0 ideas, and even vote on the ones that are most important to you.

If you have general support questions or experience technical difficulty, please reach out to WebPT Support at support@webpt.com. 

Term Crosswalk

As part of the SOAP 2.0 upgrade, we’ve renamed and changed the functionality of some legacy SOAP 1.0 features. Check out the table below for a list of the updated items and the key differences.

SOAP 1.0 SOAP 2.0 Location Access Level
Smart Text Advanced Profiles Clinic drop-down > SOAP Templates > Profiles section Clinic Admin only
Custom IE Profiles Templates & Profiles Clinic drop-down > SOAP Templates > Profiles section Clinic Admin only
Pediatrics Profile Habilitative Profile Patient Info > Habilitative Profile checkbox All
Quick Discharge Administrative Discharge Patient Chart All
Diagnosis Medical Diagnosis Patient documentation/can be entered into the patient’s case All
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