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Add a Profile to Your Note

Profiles are designed to add additional fields and populate certain subsections of your note. You can use profiles to add tests specific to a common ailment, add tracking fields (like Plan of Care dates), or to include pre-written sets of problems/goals/planned procedures. Let's review how to add a profile to your note. 

  1. Create a note for your patient. Select the (...) button, then click Add Content
  2. In the Eval/Note Profile section, search and select a profile from the drop-down list, then click Apply.
    You can apply more than one profile to your note, and all fields and advanced profiling functionality will be added. For example, if each profile has 2 problems & goals, the note will have a total of 4 problems & goals when both profiles are added.
  3. To remove the profile, open the Content Drawer and click the X on the desired profile. Then click Apply
  4. A dialog box will ask you to confirm you want to remove the profile. When you remove a profile, all fields and data related to the profile are removed from that note. However, if you add that profile later during treatment, the data from the previous note will populate and ask if you want to edit or Apply. 
  5. Just like Templates, updating a Profile will not impact any notes currently in progress that are leveraging that Profile. To update a profile on a note, simply remove and then re-apply the profile.
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