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WebPT Templates are the default configuration for all notes in SOAP 2.0. There are twenty default note templates comprised of a note type (Daily Note, Discharge, Initial Evaluation, or Progress Note) for each provider category (OT, PT, SLP, ATC/Wellness). Each of these WebPT Templates can be customized using the process described below, and that 'Company Template' will replace the WebPT Template as the default note type for that discipline across the organization. 

Important: You can only have one Company Template for each note type and discipline. Therefore, if you attempt to create a new template from the WebPT Templates for note type/discipline that has an established Company Template, you’ll be editing the existing Company Template. Users with the User Permission Edit SOAP 2.0 Template/Profiles permissions can customize the available default templates. 

Company Templates

Let’s review how to create Company Templates. Note: Only Company Admins can customize the available default templates. 

  1. From the EMR Dashboard, navigate to the company drop-down and select SOAP Templates.
  2. Next, copy an existing template. You can copy a WebPT Template or a Company Template you have already created, allowing you to copy the fields and subsections to a new note type/discipline. To learn more about copying existing templates, click here.

  3. The WebPT Templates section of the library contains the default documentation templates for each note and discipline. To create a custom Company Template, click on the note type.
  4. Hover over the desired discipline row. Copy and View icons will appear. Click the Copy icon to create your global template. You can also create templates from existing Company or WebPT Templates, allowing you to copy the fields and subsections to a new note type/discipline. To learn more about copying existing templates, click here.
  5. Use the drop-down menus to select the new Note Type and Discipline you want to copy the existing template to. Then click Apply.
  6. On the Configure Template screen, each of the SOAP sections contains subsections (1) and fields (2). Use the checkboxes to remove fields. Required fields are grayed out and cannot be removed. 
  7. To add new subsections to the Template, select +Add Content to access the Content Drawer. You can also access the Content Drawer by selecting the Menu [...] button, then click Add Content.
  8. Enter keywords in the Search Content field. The results display all subsections and fields that contain the keyword, shown in bold print.
  9. Use the checkboxes to add or remove subsections to the Template. In this example, we selected the Pain checkbox in the Content Drawer. The Pain subsection is now added to the Template. After selecting your desired subsections, you can exit the Content Drawer. Note: You can reaccess the Content Drawer by selecting Add Content.
  10. Click the arrow to open a subsection, then use the checkboxes to select the individual fields. 
  11. Once complete, click Publish Template.
  12. Confirm that you want to publish this template as the Initial Evaluation Template for all OTs. Click Apply.
  13. The finished version appears in the Company Templates section and is now the default for OT Initial Evaluations. Important: Any notes in progress before the finalization of this new template will not be impacted. 
  14. Click on the template to review additional information including the Note Type, Discipline, Author, and Date Modified. You'll be able to Copy, View, Edit, and Delete the template from here.

Company Templates and Profiles

Company Templates, used in conjunction with Profiles, allow you to create customized documentation solutions for your providers and increase the speed and ease of documentation. Templates provide a foundation for the note, while Profiles are created for common focuses of care. 

Templates should be customized before documentation however, you may find yourself needing additional content while documenting in SOAP. Let's say you create a PT Initial Evaluation for a new patient. If you find that certain content fields are missing from the note, select a Profile to add additional subsections and fields to the note. Click here to learn more about profiles, and here to learn about Advanced Profiles.

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