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Tasking: New Patient Referrals

*This product is currently in Early Access to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out over the following weeks.

Use Tasking to manage new patient referrals with the Referral Task Type. When this task type is selected, you can record additional information about the new patient referral to help and document any follow-up efforts made to convert the referral to a new patient. 

  1. Click the Task Type column and select Referral.
  2. Click New Patient Referral.
  3. In the New Patient Referral section, record the patient’s demographic and contact information, insurance information, and the requested therapist and clinic. These fields are optional, and will not be required to save the Task.
    1. When an email is selected as the Primary Contact, the Email field will be required. 
    2. When a phone number is selected as the Primary Contact, the Phone Number field will be required. 
    3. The Primary Treatment Clinic dropdown will contain all clinics within the Organization associated with the task.
  4. Click Link Patient to associate this task with the patient chart in the WebPT EMR once the chart has been created. After linking the patient’s chart to the Task, the demographic information fields will be displayed in the Tasking Patient Search Bar, and cannot be edited from within Tasking.
  5. Click Save to save any entered information in the task.
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