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Document Remote Therapeutic Monitoring in the WebPT EMR

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) codes were added by CMS with the 2022 Final Rule, and we’ve updated the WebPT EMR to support this change. In this article, you’ll learn about how to enable, document, and bill for RTM in the WebPT EMR. 

RTM Company Setting

When enabled, the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Visit Logic Company Setting allows therapists to bill for a patient's activities they monitor and collaborate with outside of visits. This setting prevents RTM visits from counting towards visit limits for authorization and progress notes, avoiding false alerts and visit counts.

When this setting is turned on and only RTM codes are billed, the title of the note on the finalized .pdf will read “Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Note”, and that note will not count towards the discipline’s visit count.

Note: When this setting is on, this logic will be applied to all future notes and addenda. 

Documenting RTM in the WebPT EMR

With the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Visit Logic Company Setting enabled, you’ll be able to choose Remote Therapeutic Monitoring in the treatment provided section of evaluative notes.

Billing Tab

RTM codes behave differently than other CPT codes. Below, we’ll discuss some of the nuance associated with these codes:

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