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Q3 2022 Release Recap


Plan of Care Report

  • We created a new Plan of Care report within WebPT Analytics that includes both SOAP 1.0 and SOAP 2.0 data! This analysis grid style report allows you to view certification status and signature status, which will allow you to identify Plans of Care that need to be re-certified or are pending a physician signature. 
    • Click here to learn more about the Plan of Care Analytics report. 


Worldpay by FIS

  • Members who use our integrated payment solution can now collect payments with a device that allows patients to swipe, insert, or tap their credit card. 
    • Click here to learn more about collecting payments directly from the WebPT Scheduler. 

WebPT EMR + KEET: Enhanced Integration

  • Members can now take advantage of a modern, high-speed integration of patients, appointments, and case data to the Keet platform. The real-time integration gives access to the Keet Engage, Outcomes, and RTM dashboard products, to assist with patient engagement, performance tracking, and remote therapeutic monitoring. 
    • To learn more about the WebPT EMR to Keet integration, click here

WebPT Billing

WebPT Billing

  • WebPT Billing is an all-new module in WebPT’s fully integrated practice management solution. This software enables rehab therapy practices to seamlessly manage their own billing in-house.

    WebPT Billing brings a layer of sophistication that helps growing and complex practices best manage their billing and complexities associated with a large number of payers. With WebPT Billing, you’ll get the benefit of deep industry and payer knowledge through our product design (e.g., payer scrubbing rules and first past acceptance). WebPT Billing also includes deeply integrated workflows that focus on optimizing the flow from couch to claim.
    • Click here to explore WebPT Billing’s knowledge base!
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