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Plan of Care (Analytics Report)

The Plan of Care (POC) Tracking Report is an Analysis Grid style report that allows Members to track the process of sending out a POC for a physician's signature for Medicare patients in your clinic for both SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 data. Using this report helps your clinic avoid expired plans of care for your Medicare patients since Medicare requires that therapists recertify the POC within 90 days of the initial treatment or if the patient's condition changes in such a way that the therapist must revise long-term goals—whichever occurs first. The data in this report is refreshed every two hours.

In the WebPT EMR, you can fax the POC from the patient chart, upload a signed POC into the chart using eDoc, and monitor the status of both. 

Note: If a POC is faxed from the EMR, the option to edit will be automatically disabled. Also, you can still edit the status if a POC is not faxed from the EMR and is past the Sig Required date.

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Plan of Care Report Status views

You can use the  Filter Data By dropdown to select the desired report view from the following two options. 

  • Selecting Certification End Date will filter results by the Certification End Date column for the date range selected. 
  • Selecting Signature Required by Date will filter results by the Signature Required by column for the date range selected. 

The report allows you to group & filter columns to identify the Certification or Signature status of a patient's plan of care. Read more about Analysis Grids: Reporting Functions.

Certification Status

The Certification Status includes:

  • All patients within your clinic who have Medicare certifications
  • The number of days remaining for each active certification
  • The number of days since expiration for each expired certification

Signature Status

The Signature Status includes:

  • Determine whether a therapist has emailed or faxed a particular note and whether the physician has signed it
  • Track the status of Medicare POCs that need physician signatures
  • Upload signatures directly from this report to the appropriate patient record (applicable to those clinics that use WebPT eDoc)
Signature Statuses
  • Pending: The note was faxed and is waiting for the physician's signature.
  • Not Sent: The note is finalized but has not been faxed to the physician.
  • Signature Late: The note has been waiting for the physician's signature for 30 days or more.
  • Signed: The physician has signed the note which has been uploaded to eDocs as detailed in our Plan of Care: Process article.


You can locate this report in the Visits section of Reports in Analytics. If you do not see the report listed in this section, ensure that you have the correct Analytics Access permission.

Run and Customize the Report

  1. Filter which clinics appear in the report using the View Clinics by: drop-down menu and corresponding (…) button.
  2. Select the desired report view from the Filter Data By dropdown.
  3. Select the Date Range.
  4. Export to Excel or CSV for further manipulation.

Column Descriptions

Column Description Data Source
Clinic Name The clinic location where the patient's note was finalized. Patient Notes
Patient Name The full name of the patient. First Name and Last Name fields in the Patient Info section
Case Name The title of the patient's case. This includes active and discharged cases. Case Title field in the Add/Edit Case window
Case Status The status of the patient's case in the EMR. This includes active or discharged cases. Patient Case
Case Therapist Name The assigned case therapist associated with the scheduled patient's case. Assigned Therapist field in the Add/Edit Case window
POC Created by The provider who finalized the note where the POC was generated Patient Notes
Primary Insurance The name of the primary insurance listed in the patient's case. Primary Insurance drop-down in the Add/Edit Case window
Referring Physician The name of the referring physician, as entered in the patient's case. First Name and Last Name fields in the Add/Edit Physician Window
Note Type The type of note that is not finalized. This will be blank if the note has not been started. Note type selected from the Patient Record Actions drop-down
Signature Status Signature Status on the POC. Options include: Pending, Not Sent, Signature Late, or Signed Fax Log / eDocs
Signature Required By This date is 30 days from the date the plan of care was established Date of service on Initial Evaluation where POC was created
Certification Status Status of certification based on Certification Start/End dates entered within the SOAP note where POC was created Options include: Expired or Active Patient Notes
Certification Start Date From Date, as entered in the SOAP note where POC was created Patient Notes
Certification End Date To Date, as entered in the SOAP note where POC was created Patient Notes
Days Until Certification Expires Number of days before Certification End DateNote: a negative number will be shown if the certification is expired Patient Notes
Next Scheduled Visit The date of the patient's next scheduled appointment.
Next Scheduled Visit Type The visit type of the patient's next scheduled appointment. Scheduler
Checked In Visit Total Total number of checked in appointments on the patient’s case when the POC was generated Patient Notes
Finalized Visit Total Total number of finalized visits on the patient’s case where the POC was generated Patient Notes
Total Fax Attempts Count of times the POC was faxed to the physician from the EMR
Note: For SOAP 2, an additional enhancement is in the works for the EMR to ensure the total fax attempts will accurately reflect all attempts made while the SOAP 2 outbound fax log only displays the most recent fax. 
Fax Log
EMR Patient ID (hidden) The WebPT EMR Patient ID. The ID number found at the end of the URL on the Patient chart, WebPT EMR Patient ID. Note: This is different from the patient ID on the Scheduled Visits report.
Note Source (hidden) SOAP 1.0 or SOAP 2.0 Patient Notes
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