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Tertiary Insurance

This option is available to Therabill integrated members only. 

Clinics that are integrated with the WebPT EMR have no option to add a Tertiary insurance directly into the WebPT EMR. However, Tertiary insurance can be added to Therabill. Steps will need to be taken in both the WebPT EMR and Therabill to complete this task.

Adding a Tertiary Insurance


You will first need to add the Insurance card to the WebPT EMR before editing it in Therabill. 

  1. Add the insurance card to the Patient Info section of the WebPT EMR.
  2. Edit the Patient Case to assign the Tertiary Insurance card as Secondary.


  3. Select Ok to save the case, then click Save Patient

    Once the insurance card has been transmitted into Therabill, you’ll need to update the Responsibility type within the Insurance Card section of Therabill.


The transmission of the insurance card information to Therabill may take up to 30 minutes. Once the card has been transmitted, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Clients Client List, then click the blue pencil to Edit Patient.step1.jpg
  2. From the Insurance Cards section, click the blue pencil to edit the insurance.step2.jpg
  3. From the Edit Insurance Card screen, change the Responsibility from Secondary to Tertiary.step3.jpg
  4. Click Apply Edits to save changes.step4.jpg
Important Last Step: Once the insurance has been updated, immediately go back to the WebPT EMR to reassign the correct Secondary Insurance. This step is important because the WebPT EMR will overwrite Therabill’s changes if the patient’s information is saved without assigning the insurance as secondary again.
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