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WebPT User Profiles In Your Account

WebPT User Managers may come across user profiles they don’t recognize in their WebPT accounts. Typically, a user you don’t recognize would be cause for concern—and rightfully so—although there are some scenarios where you may see a profile you don’t recognize that should not be a cause for concern, especially users with an @WebPT.com email domain.

If you find a user profile in your account that you don’t recognize, here’s what to do:

Does the user have an @WebPT.com email domain? 

If the user has an @WebPT.com domain email address, fear not! 

WebPT leverages automation to support various processes to better serve you. To ensure that our automation is tracked and managed appropriately, a designated user has been set up and configured for security, auditing, and logging purposes.

This additional WebPT profile must remain active on your user list—we cannot remove it— and will not affect your clinic’s license count. Additionally, these auditing and logging tools provide more security and do not pose a risk to HIPAA policies or your data integrity. User profiles used for WebPT Automation processes will have WebPT Automation in the full name field. 

Additionally, some WebPT Employees, such as the Revenue Cycle Management team you work with, will be given access to your account. These employees have all received appropriate HIPAA training and work while connected to secure networks. If you do not recognize the name in a user profile, contact WebPT Support as quickly as possible.

Does the user profile have an email domain from somewhere other than @WebPT.com? 

Reach out to the WebPT Support team as quickly as possible and request an audit of your account. Healthcare providers are legally obligated to research any suspected breach, no matter what. When you contact us and describe the situation, we’ll be able to audit the user profile in question and determine which data they’ve accessed, including the patients and the number of records. 

If the user profile in question is indeed a breach of HIPAA, you must disclose the breach to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Click here to learn more about how to disclose a breach of HIPAA to HHS. 

Click here to learn more about how we keep your data safe in our Data Security FAQ!

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