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March 2022 Release Recap

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SOAP 2.0

  • Faxing Enhancements
    • Faxing Multiple Recipients: Multiple recipients can now be added to a single fax and each recipient will then show as a single fax on the Outbound Fax Log. 
    • The fax modal has been updated to prepopulate all referring physicians, not just the primary referring physician.
    • Added eDocs to SOAP 2.0 Note fax: Therapists and front office users can now fax and track patient records as well as send the entire patient case with finalized notes and eDocs records.
    • eDocs Fax Tracking in the Outbound Fax Log: When therapists and front office users include eDocs records in a fax, the eDocs records will now show in the Outbound Fax Log listed below the notes attached.
    • Splitting Large Faxes: Because there’s a 15 MB limit on the total size of fax files,the faxing system will now read the size of the attachments and split them into separate messages if needed. These separate messages can be seen in a drawer in the Outbound Fax Log.
    • Click here to learn more.
  • Profiles for Movement-Based Exams
    • Members are now able to view WebPT Profiles for Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Movement-Based Exams. Click here to learn more about adding profiles to notes.


  • Added Ability to Export Tasks
    • The ability to export tasks from the Task Table is now available. Users will be able to download and export Tasking information such as Task Name, Type, Priority, Due Date, Patient Name, Patient ID, Days Open, Status, Created By, Assigned To, Tags, Description, and Organization. Click here to learn more.
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