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February 2022 Release Recap


  • Added Therapist Versus Assistant Performed Minutes
    • To comply with the updated CMS 2022 rules on Assistant Modifiers, a new feature has been added for Members to input therapist versus assistant-performed minutes for each CPT. This feature will then auto-calculate which units should have the Assistant Modifier and which should not. 
  • Added Place of Service 10
    • Members are now able to use Place of Service 10 (POS 10) for documentation; this code represents Telehealth Provided in Patients Home and the old Telehealth code 2 is now updated to reflect Telehealth Provided Other than in a Patient’s Home.
  • Improved Electronic Benefits Verification PDF
    • Members who use Electronic Benefits Verification (eBV) will now see an improved PDF that provides the need-to-know information in an easier format, at the top of the report.

SOAP 2.0

  • Added a New Subsection to the Subjective Section
    • Work Evaluation is a new subsection that includes job description information in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations and the Department of Labor. There has also been expansion on pain tracking (such as location of pain at onset) where constant versus intermittent symptoms occur, sleeping information in Health Status, and an addition of Leisure activities in Social History.
  • Added a New Subsection to the Objective Section
    • Members will be able to use additional segments and tests that have now been added to the Objective sections in regards to movement-based treatment methods for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine segments. The new segmented Movement Based Assessments include Movement Loss Assessments, Repeated Movement Tests, and Static Tests. Members can add custom static tests at each segment to the list of preloaded tests and neighboring movements of cervical or lumbar spine when completing a thoracic assessment.
  • Added Diagnosis Classification
    • Members are now able to use the Diagnosis Classification for movement-based methods of treatments for Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar segments of the spine. 


  • Saved Views
    • Members can now save desired views from the task table—instead of needing to filter and sort their work queue each time. This will allow users to spend less time identifying what to focus on and more time completing tasks important to them. Click here to learn more.
  • Added Patient Task and Global Task Icons
    • A Patient Task icon will now appear in SOAP 2.0 patient charts next to the patient’s name and will display the number of open tasks for that patient. Once selected, the icon will trigger a pop up window to appear and show both open and completed tasks. Additionally, this pop up window does not allow for an alternate patient to be added in order to ensure that tasks aren’t accidentally created for other patients. We have also created a Global Task icon located in the upper right corner - Members will be able to see the number of open tasks specific to them and can click the icon to open the Tasking application which then defaults to that Member’s open tasks. Click here to learn more!
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