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Q4 Release Round-up

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  • Month-End Reports
    • New month-end reports are now available in Analytics for WebPT EMR + WebPT Billing Members.
  • Electronic Benefit Verification
    • WebPT eBenefit Verification—or eBV for short—saves rehab therapy practices time by quickly verifying patient insurance benefits electronically in the WebPT EMR and placing that information directly in the patient’s chart—thus eliminating the need for lengthy phone calls and hold time with insurance companies.

SOAP 2.0

  • Added Content
    • Upper Limb Neural Tension Test (ULNTT) and The Foot and Ankle Abilities Measure - ADLs Subscale (FAAM) Standardized Test have been added. Additionally, the Keele STarT Back Screening Tool (SBST) and the Modified version (mSBST) are now available under Standardized Tests for PT, OT, and SLP. This tool helps clinicians make a better determination on outcome expectations and prognoses.
  • Added Profiles
    • Continence Exam, Pelvic Floor Exam (Female), and Pelvic Floor Exam (Male) have been added to Standard Profiles.
  • Added Permission
    • With the Edit SOAP 2.0 Template/Profile permission, designated company admins will be able to provide therapists with the ability to create their own Templates and Profiles. Large organizations can also share Profiles that have been created across their companies quickly and easily to improve documentation consistency and efficiency. Want to keep Profiles more structured? Company Admins can also opt out of allowing therapists the ability to create their own Profiles via a toggle on the Templates/Profiles page.


  • Added Additional fields to the Quick Add Patient form
    • Front office users can now add additional information at the case-level from the Quick Add form. Any relevant information such as surgeon, surgery date, etc., can be added to the Additional Info field,  and will populate as an alert on the SOAP 2.0 patient chart.
  • Added Summary of Financial Responsibility Field
    • In order to provide patients visibility into their financial responsibility with their visit and sign off on it, front office users can now utilize the optional Summary of Financial Responsibility field. If populated with text, the field will print with the patient information so patients can sign it as confirmation.
  • Improved Scheduler View
    • Improvements were made to the Scheduler when viewing multiple calendars at once. Calendar columns no longer shrink as additional calendars are added to ensure the Scheduler is legible with the appointment information. This change impacts both the day and the week view. As the scheduler grows in size, you can use the browser scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to slide your view to the right or left. A toggle is found in the Settings tab of the Schedule Actions which will allow users to switch between the new Expanded Scheduler View and the older, Compressed View. This setting will default to On for all users.
  • Added Authorization Data to Scheduler
    • Members—especially Billers and Front Office users— can now see the status of Primary and Secondary Insurance Authorizations when hovering over an appointment on the Scheduler. Authorized visits or units used out of how many are allowed, as well as expiration date, are visible depending on how the Authorization is provided. This feature can be added to Calendars by enabling it within the Company Settings. Click here to learn more.
  • Added Permission
    • The Physician Admin permission is now available in the User Manager. This permission provides users with the ability to add and edit physician profiles in Physician Manager. Users without this permission may only search and view physician profiles.

SOAP 2.0

  • Enhanced User Menu Navigation
    • We’re making it easier to get places from SOAP 2.0! Navigate to Templates/Profiles, the Idea Portal and the Help menu all by simply clicking on the user name in the top right corner of the screen.
  • New Case Summary Design
    • The Case Summary section will now open and close in order to give therapists documenting on smaller laptops or tablets more room to document. The Case Summary will default to open and will need to be open to report MIPS. The arrow icon will close the drawer.

Check out the updates that are coming your way soon on our In The Works pages for SOAP 1.0 and SOAP 2.0

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