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December Release Recap

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  • Electronic Benefit Verification
    WebPT eBenefit Verification—or eBV for short—saves rehab therapy practices time by quickly verifying patient insurance benefits electronically in the WebPT EMR and placing that information directly in the patient’s chart—thus eliminating the need for lengthy phone calls and hold time with insurance companies.



  • Added Physician Admin Permission
    The Physician Admin permission is now available in the User Manager. This permission provides users with the ability to add and edit physician profiles in Physician Manager. Users without this permission may only search and view physician profiles.
  • Added Account Notes
    Account Notes are now available for WebPT EMR + Billing Members. This new feature is a great way for the front office and back office to communicate about patient information in the clinic. The new Account Note icon will be visible on the patient chart (for patient’s present in both the WebPT EMR and Billing)
  • 2022 MIPS + Medicare Updates
    The Medicare Threshold is now $2150 and the WebPT EMR has been updated to reflect that. Additionally, Measure 154 has been removed for the 2022 MIPS reporting period.

SOAP 2.0

  • New Case Summary Design
    The Case Summary section will now open and close in order to give therapists documenting on smaller laptops or tablets more room to document. The Case Summary will default to open and will need to be open to report MIPS. The arrow icon will close the drawer.


SOAP 2.0

  • Previously, patients were displayed on the Progress Note Needed At-a-Glance Alert even when a progress note was finalized. This issue has been resolved and patients will now drop off the list when a Progress Note is finalized—with or without charges. Patients with Medicare insurance will still have a hard-stop at the 9th visit and will be required to finalize a Progress Note in order to continue documenting.
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