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WebPT Multi-Clinic Mode: Schedule Patients

You can use Multi-Clinic Mode (MCM aka Centralized Scheduling) in the WebPT EMR to efficiently schedule multiple patients across multiple locations. You'll need to ensure any Schedulers have the correct User Permissions and remember while in MCM you will have a focused Scheduling navigation view of functions in the WebPT EMR. 

Follow the steps to schedule multiple patients over multiple clinics.

  1. When Multi-Clinic Mode click New Tab from the Multi-Clinic Mode bar, to add a new clinic tab. This will open a duplicate clinic tab in a new browser.

  2. When the tab opens, use the Company drop-down to choose the company location.
  3. Use the Clinic drop-down to choose the clinic location. 
    Note: Each company and clinic location will need to have the Multi-Clinic Mode Feature available for use. We also advise limiting the number of open clinic scheduling tabs to what you can visually manage on your screen. Typically this is 4-8 tabs.
  4. Click Create Event in the Schedule Actions tab or click the appointment time on the calendar to Schedule the patient.
  5. Type the first or last name of the patient (2 character minimum) in Patient Quick Search and select the correct patient from the What drop-down box.

  6. If the patient is not in WebPT, click Add New Patient (Limited Release).
      Add New Patient Notes:
  7. The time frame defaults to your appointment default time settings or you can change the time frame as needed with the drop-down menus. Click here to learn more about Scheduler Day and Time settings.
  8. Select the type of visit in the Type drop-down box.
  9. Enter any relevant notes.
  10. Click Save. When you’ve successfully scheduled the patient, you’ll receive a confirmation message. 
  11. To return to normal WebPT EMR function or exit Multi-Clinic Mode uncheck Multi-Clinic Mode on the ribbon. This action will redirect all open WebPT browser tabs to the WebPT Dashboard.
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