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Analytics Month End Overview

WebPT Analytics includes WebPT Billing integrated financial reports that provide financial insight into your organization, this library includes Month-End reports data tables, and analysis grids.

Note: The Analytics Month-End reports are updated nightly. If you have any questions about any of these reports please contact WebPT Billing Support.

Accessing Analytics

Open Analytics by selecting the Analytics icon located in the global navigation header menu above the WebPT EMR Dashboard.                                                                                                                     

Accessing Permissions

In order to access Analytics, users must have WebPT credentials and Analytics Access permission enabled on their user profile in WebPT EMR. Additionally, the user’s other profile permissions will impact their auto-assigned role in Analytics, which determines which reports they can natively view. Users who will be using the Financial and Month End Reports will need to be assigned the Analytics.

Month-End Reports

The Month-End Reports section in Analytics contains several reports and two distinct report types: Data Tables and Analysis Grids, which allow for different methods of manipulation. When necessary you can customize which reports a user can view.

Available Month End Reports:

  • Accounts Receivable - Accounts Receivable Month End report lists the total charges, payments, and adjustments for each patient that occurred within the closed month and any remaining balances by age.
  • Adjustments Breakdown - The Adjustment Breakdown Month End report displays a list of adjustments by Adjustment Code and Adjustment Code Description.
  • Associated Payments - The Associated Payments Month End report displays a breakdown of total dollars posted in a specific month by insurance class.
  • Clinic Aging Summary - The Clinic Aging Summary Month End report is a snapshot of your charges, payments, and outstanding A/R for each clinic location.
  • Clinic Breakdown - Clinic Breakdown report that displays billed new patients, billed visits, total units with the associated charges, payments, and adjustments for each clinic location.
  • Insurance Class Aging Summary (Minus Liens and Credits) - Insurance Class Aging Minus Liens and Credits is a complete list of your outstanding A/R for each insurance at the close of the month. 
  • Insurance Class Breakdown - The Insurance Class Breakdown Month End report shows the dollar amount of payments and adjustments collected over the month to help you determine which insurance classes are most profitable. 
  • Management Report Card- Management Report Card allows you to measure your company's financial health by comparing key metrics over the previous six closed months.
  • Month End Trends - Month End Trends allows you to view key data points over the previous 12 months.
  • Paid Claims by Visit - Paid Claims by Visit helps clinics understand the amount collected from insurance companies by insurance class or clinic.
  • Payments Breakdown - Payments Breakdown Month End shows the breakdown of payment amounts by Payment Code.
  • Provider Breakdown - The Provider Breakdown Month End report displays new patients, visits, charges, and payment details by Provider.
  • Insurance Class Aging Summary (includes liens and credits) - The Insurance Class Aging Summary allows you to view the total breakdown of your Accounts Receivable by insurance class including liens and credits.

Having trouble deciding which report to use? Review the RevFlow to WebPT Billing Crosswalk Month End category.

Data Tables Overview

Data tables allow you to explore information with additional details regarding payers, the company, clinics, and therapists.

Analysis Grids Overview

Analysis grids allow you to manipulate your data into specific subsets of data using different functions and Filter functions. Click here to learn more about filter logic.


The Management section features the ability to update how the names of your clinics appear in the Analytics portal for easier reporting views. Another key feature of this tab is managing user roles and permissions to specific reports. You can also find a complete list of users and patients in this section. Click here to read more.

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