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Marker Appointment Visit Types


Marker Appointment Types allow a provider to clearly define when their day starts, ends and when patient appointments can be scheduled on their calendar.

Marker Appointment Types can be especially helpful to reduce the appearance of double-booked appointments on a provider’s schedule in a variety of scenarios:  

  • Clinics with multiple therapists on staff with staggered schedules throughout the day, resulting in a different start or stop time.
  • Student or Volunteer Shadowing or when other visitors may be on-site for official business.     

Calendar Start and Calendar End

The Calendar Start and Calendar End marker appointment types define the start time and end time on each provider’s calendar and have a default duration of 15 minutes. If necessary, you can adjust the duration for each appointment type when adding or editing it on the calendar.  

Available Marker Appointment Type

The Available marker appointment type allows a provider to indicate when they would prefer appointments to be scheduled throughout the day on their calendar and provides a visual cue for the Scheduling team for appointment availability. This marker type has a default duration of 10 minutes. If necessary, you can adjust the duration for this appointment type when adding or editing it on the calendar.

Each Marker Appointment Type has a default color:

Calendar Start = Green

Calendar End = Red

Available = Pink

Click here, to find out how to change the default colors.
Marker Appointment Type Notes:
  • Marker Appointment types cannot be converted to patient appointments.
  • Overlapping Marker Appointment Types can cause them to become hidden, you may need to stagger them or ensure the start or end time durations are adjusted for the best visibility.

Using Marker Appointment Visit Types

The Calendar Start and Calendar End types are used to hold the start time and end time position on the provider’s calendar and the Available type indicates when patient appointments can be scheduled for the provider. Since it sits in the background, scheduling patients over the top of these Marker appointment types will not produce a double-booked appointment.

Add Marker Appointment Types to the Calendar

All Marker Appointment types are added to the calendar through the Scheduling Appointments process.

  1. Click View Schedule, located under Scheduler
  2. Find the day you wish to add the Marker Appointment Type to and click the desired time slot to open the Add Appointment window. You can also use Create Event in the Schedule Actions section to open up the Add Appointment Window.

  3. Click the Type drop-down.

  4. Then choose the Marker Appointment Type: Calendar Start, Calendar End, or Available from the list.

  5. To change the default time frame, edit the When times noted.

  6. Click Save.

Edit Marker Type Appointments

To change an existing Marker Type appointment.

  1. Click on the Marker Appointment on the Calendar.

  2. Then click Edit to open the marker appointment.

  3. Change the When duration or Type of appointment to another Marker Type Appointment then click Save.

Change Marker Appointment Type Colors

You can change the Marker Appointment type colors from the Scheduler Clinic Settings in Manage Calendars.

  1. From the dashboard, click View Schedule.

  2. Next, select Manage Calendars.

  3. Click the Clinic Settings tab.

  4. Find the Marker Type Appointment in the list under Appointment Type, then click on the color block and choose your preferred color from the grid.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the window.
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