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Health Check: Scheduler

The EMR Account Health/Healthcheck series is designed to help you get the most out of the WebPT EMR while staying on top of crucial workflows.

The Scheduler allows you to organize and manage your clinic’s calendars within the WebPT EMR. Use this guide to configure the following:

  • Calendar Setup
  • Appointment Type Customization
  • Waitlist
  • Recurring Appointments

To get started, click View Schedule.

Calendar Setup

  1. Select Manage Calendars from the Schedule Actions Menu.
  2. Select the Calendar Settings and User Permissions tab, then click Create New Calendar.
  3. Enter the Calendar details, then click Create.
    1. Calendar Name: Type the user’s Full Name from their user profile. Non-exact matches will create fake missed notes.Tip: If the user needs a calendar for each clinic location, type a space, a dash, another space, and the name of the clinic. 
    2. Public: Check this box to allow other users in the clinic to view the calendar on the schedule.
    3. Calendar belongs to: Use the drop-down to select the user.
  4. The Active checkbox makes the calendar active and available in the My Calendar List tab. The Public checkbox allows other users in the clinic to view the calendar on the schedule. Click Save.

Appointment Type Customization

The Clinic Settings tab is available to Calendar and Clinic Administrators. Use this tab to customize your calendar by Appointment Type. Use the colors, textures, and icons to differentiate visit types.


The Waitlist allows you to record a list of patients awaiting an appointment when your schedule is currently full. Once a patient is added to the Waitlist queue, therapists can add the patient to their available schedules.

  1. Select Waitlist from the Schedule Actions menu.
  2. Click Add to Waitlist.
  3. Enter the Appointment details.
  4. Once you are finished adding the waitlist details, close the pop-up window.
  5. When adding a new appointment, click Select from Waitlist.
  6. In the Waitlist pop-up window, locate the desired patient and click Schedule.
  7. Select Yes to remove the patient from the Waitlist.
  8. Edit the appointment details, set the appointment Type, then click Save.For more information on the Waitlist, click here.

Recurring Appointments

Create recurring appointments for patients, staff meetings, lunches, or non-patient appointments. 

Important: Scheduling repeating time blocks over multiple months can cause unforeseen issues especially if you edit or delete one of the blocks. Therefore, we recommend 3-4 month blocks but no longer than a 12-month series. If you need to edit or delete a block within a recurring series, end the series with that block and begin a new series.

  • The following is an example of a recurring appointment for a patient.
    • What: Select the patient to be scheduled.
    • Type: Use the drop-down menu to select the appointment type. The default selection is Follow-Up.
    • Repeats: Use the drop-down menus to establish the time frame for appointments.
  • The following is an example of a recurring appointment for an office meeting. 
    • What: Enter the name of the event.
    • Type: Select Other from the drop-down menu. This will prevent you from scheduling patient appointments during this time.
    • Repeats: Use the drop-down and calendar menus to establish the time frame, we recommend no longer than 60 days.
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