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Multi-Tab Browsing

Multi-tab browsing is only stable when using the Multi-Clinic Mode (MCM also known as Centralized Scheduling) feature in the WebPT EMR. In all other environments, we recommend against opening multiple tabs of WebPT EMR pages. If you are not using Multi-Clinic Mode please limit your usage to a single tab. Click here to learn more about Multi-Clinic Mode.

Why we recommend against multiple tabs of the EMR:
  • Single session browsing: Every time you open a new window, you’re creating a new session. You don’t want to have multiple sessions of the EMR open, as this can cause issues with the sessions overlapping and data could be saved in the wrong place. This is especially true when working with multiple patients or multiple clinic locations. 
  • Auto-save: Pages within the WebPT EMR with auto-save compete for the active session (as only one EMR session can be active at a time). This forces the pages to reload and drives issues where note or scheduler data can overlap, and be lost or auto-saved to the wrong session. Many pages use auto-save including the scheduler and documentation (both SOAP 1.0 and 2.0)
Multi-tab browsing issues:
  • Information bleed: This refers to the system copying two different tabs into one.
    • Schedule example: If you have two schedules open for two different clinic locations, the calendars will meld into both views if the auto-save functionality occurs at just the right time.
    • Patient example: Authorization data can be saved into the wrong chart if you have two cases open at the same time. Patient A’s data can be saved over into Patient B’s chart.  
    • Settings example: If you have two clinic settings pages open at the same time, setting updates can be saved into the wrong location. This can negatively impact billing and have many other downstream implications for the clinic.
  • Documentation loss: There also are issues related to documentation and multi-tab browsing you can encounter. These include being kicked out of documentation, documentation failing to load, notes unable to be finalized, drafts unable to be saved, notes being finalized in the wrong clinic, and losing documentation. This is true for SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 documentation.
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