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No Checked-In Appointment Found

The note error No checked-in appointments found occurs when there is no checked-in appointment for the visit’s date of service. This error is limited to users with inbound patient integrations using the V# or Acct# field. 

There are a few reasons why this may occur: 

The appointment is not checked in

Issue: There is no scheduled appointment.
Resolution: Create the appointment then check it in.

Issue: The appointment was not checked in or was checked out before the note was started.
Resolution: Check in the appointment.

The appointment and note clinic locations are not the same

Issue: The appointment was scheduled in a different clinic than the one the therapist started the note in.
Resolution: If the appointment was scheduled in the correct location, delete the note. Then, have the therapist open the correct clinic and start a new note. If the appointment was scheduled in the wrong location, delete that appointment. Then, create a new appointment in the correct location and check the patient in. Have the therapist save the note as a draft and re-open.

The appointment was edited

Issue: The appointment is checked in, but I still see the error. 
Cause: This error is caused by an appointment being marked as canceled/no-showed then edited later to be checked in. 
Resolution: If the Delete button on the appointment is grayed out (unavailable), please contact Support for assistance deleting and re-creating the appointment.

Note: To avoid this error in the future, do not edit or check in appointments that have been marked as canceled or no show. Delete the appointment and create a new one before starting the note.

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