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Health Check: Appointment Reminders

The EMR Account Health/Healthcheck series is designed to help you get the most out of the WebPT EMR while staying on top of crucial workflows.


Appointment reminders provide outgoing communication to patients regarding upcoming appointments. You can send an automated email, voice, and text message reminders to a patient within WebPT Scheduling. 


Automatic reminders save time for front office staff, they reduce no-shows and late check-in times. Additionally, it does not hurt to remind the patient of their upcoming appointment! 


First, let’s verify you have appointment reminders set up for your clinic. 

  1. Select Reminder Setup from the Tools menu.
  2. Click the Edit icon.
  3. Customize the Email and Phone/Text Settings. In the From Address field, we recommend using info@YourClinicName.com or no-reply@YourClinicName.com. In the From Name field, enter your clinic name. The email header and footer can be customized; however, you cannot customize the phone call or text message. Click here to learn more.
  4. Click Save Settings to apply your selections.  

Next, ensure that the patient has contact info entered on the patient chart.

  1. From the patient chart, select the Contact Info tab.
  2. Select Add Contact to add new contact information, or click the Edit icon to update an existing contact.
  3. Phone: Enter the patient’s Phone Number, then use the Apt. Reminders drop-down menu to select Voice Call or Text Message. The default setting is None.

    In this example, the patient prefers to receive phone reminders, so the Set as Primary checkbox is selected.
  4. Email: Enter the patient’s email address, then select the Apt. Reminders checkbox.


From the Add Appointment window, select the Add Patient Reminder checkbox. Once the appointment is saved, the appointment reminder will be sent to the patient’s primary reminder type in their patient chart.

Click here for additional information.

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