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Tasking: Contact Forms

*This product is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out over the following weeks.

Contact Forms allow you to capture correspondence details within each task. This provides insight into who was contacted and the subsequent actions that were taken regarding the task. 

When contacting patients, payers, and other task-related individuals, it is crucial to record correspondence in order to assist other task assignees. Contact forms help to track progress and create a timeline of communication.

  1. From the Tasks table, select a task to open the Task Details and Contact Form.
  2. Enter the Who I contacted details, then click Save.
    1. Contact Type: Use the drop-down to establish the Contact (Administrator, Attorney, Clearinghouse, Employer, Front-desk, Guardian, Patient, Payer, Provider, Scheduler, Therapist, Other).
    2. Method: Use the drop-down to note the method of communication (Certified Letter, Email, Face to Face, Phone, Secure Email, Text, Other).
    3. Date & Time: Enter the date and time of the correspondence.
    4. Outcome: Use the drop-down to define the result (Invalid, Left Message, Successful, Unavailable).
    5. Comments: Add comments to yourself or other task members about the correspondence.
  3. After clicking Save, the completed Contact Form information will display in the What happened section.
  4. Contact Form comments will display in the What happened section and the Comments section of the Task Details.
    1. You can differentiate between a standard comment and a contact entry, as complete contact forms contain a date and time stamp in the body of the message.
  5. Contact Form History: Use the up and down arrows to expand or collapse the Contact Form sections. The What happened section displays a history of correspondence in descending order, with the most recent record listed first.
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