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Custom Flowsheet Profiles in SOAP 2.0

Let's review how to create custom Flowsheets Profiles and how to include them in patient documentation.  Then, we'll see how to use the Favorite Activities feature

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Create a Custom Flowsheet Profile

  1. At the top-right of the SOAP 2.0 Dashboard, open the drop-down menu by clicking the arrow by your name and select Templates/Profiles.
  2. In the Profiles section, select Create New Profile.
  3. Start by giving your Profile a title. Providers will use this title to locate the Profile and add it to their note, so be as specific and descriptive as possible.
  4. Navigate to the Flowsheet section and select Add activity.
  5. On the Interventions tab, enter keywords in the search bar and select the checkbox(es) to add the interventions to the Profile.
  6. On the Modalities tab, enter keywords in the search bar and select the checkbox(es) to add the physical therapeutic agents to the Profile.
  7. Click the Selections tab to review the selected Interventions and Modalities. Once are you satisfied with your selections, click Add Activities.
  8. If you want exercise details and/or comments to pre-populate on the note, enter the information in the appropriate text field. Once the profile is published, the text will be saved onto the note.
  9. After configuring the Flowsheet section, add any additional SOAP sections relevant to your custom flowsheets profile using the Content Drawer.
  10. Once you have made your selections, click Publish Profile.
  11. From the Templates Editor, hover over the newly created flowsheet to Copy, View, Edit, or Delete.
  12. To add the custom flowsheet profile in SOAP 2.0, select the Menu [...] icon and click Add Content to open the Content Drawer.
  13. From the Content Drawer, search for the profile in the Eval/Note field. Use the checkbox(es) to add the flowsheets profile to the note. Click Apply.
  14. With the custom flowsheet profile added to the note, continue your documentation and click Sign to finalize the note.

Create Favorite Activities

Integrated Flowsheets allows users to favorite activities for quick access to your most-used therapeutic activities. Activities can be favorited only from the Custom Flowsheets Profile menu, and only by the users who have access to the menu.

Add Favorites

  • You can create a favorite when adding Activities to a Flowsheet profile. 
  • To do so, select the heart icon to the right of the activity. Note: You do not need to save the profile to keep your favorited activities.

View Favorited Activities

  • To view your favorited activities during documenation, select Add activity to open the Content Drawer. 
  • Favorited Activities will show up at the top with blue heart icons.
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