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Tasking: Access Settings

Access Settings control what content users can view, edit, and delete within Tasking. Users are assigned an Access Type with permissions relative to their role in your organization. Each user will have access to the same organizations as defined in the WebPT EMR and/or WebPT Billing. 

Access Types

The available Access Types are Standard Access and Partner RCM Access.

Access Type Permissions Billing Member Type EMR
Standard  Access Add and Edit tasks and member groups within the organization Customer All EMR users are automatically set up in Tasking with Standard Access
Partner RCM Access Add and Edit tasks and member groups within the organizations they manage Partner Manually assigned to specific users during Onboarding

Standard Access

This Access Type is automatically assigned to all users within Tasking. Standard users can create and edit tasks and Task Tags, assign tasks to other users, and create Member Groups

Assign to an RCM Group: RevServe Members

The ability to assign a task to an RCM group is available exclusively for Members who use RCM services (RevServe and/or RevEquip).

When creating tasks, standard users can assign tasks to their RCM group by using the Assign To drop-down menu from the Task details. This allows users to easily share tasks with their RCM team to manage key billing tasks.

Member Groups

When creating Member Groups, individual user access types will automatically dictate the Member Group access setting. For example, if you are a standard user, any Member Groups you create will be assigned the standard access setting.

To learn more about creating Member Groups, click here.

Partner RCM Access

This Access Type is reserved for Members that provide RCM services for other Members. If you fall into this specific category, you will be enabled as a Partner user during the onboarding process. 

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