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March Release Recap


  • Authorization by Units: Members using the WebPT EMR + Billing solution can choose to input authorizations by units or visits. Unit authorizations flow into Billing and follow the same rules as visit auths. Unit auth tracking and alerts are only available in SOAP 2.0.
  • Secondary Authorizations: Members using the WebPT EMR + Billing solution can input secondary auths by units or visits and these will flow into the Billing application. Secondary auth tracking and alerts are only available in SOAP 2.0.  
  • SOAP 2.0
    • WebPT Outcomes Now Supported: Members with WebPT Outcomes can collect patient surveys using one of three intake methods: Email, Kiosk, and Fill Out Now. Upon completion, outcomes are staged and ready to be paired with the patient's note. 
    • Digital Patient Intake Integration: Specific fields collected in the Digitial Patient Intake form are automatically included in the patient's SOAP 2.0 Initial Evaluation. Digital Patient Intake is available for WebPT Reach Intake and Reach Plus/Premium Members.
    • Added Activities of Daily Living for Mobility: New subsections include: Bed Mobility, Ambulation, Lifting and Carrying Objects, Wheelchair Mobility, and Transfers. This content derives from the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) from the WHO, as well as Section GG of the CARE tool for assessing functional limitations for post-acute care patients. Common assistive devices are included in selection lists for quick documentation.
    • Previous and Current Conditions subsection: This new layout replaces the Previous/Current Conditions subsection in Past Medical History, streamlining the number of fields and searches required by the therapist. All templates have been updated to include this field.


  • Updated MIPS Measures: Measures 154, 126, and 128 have been updated to align with the QPP's 2021 Measure Specification Guides. 
  • View Patient ID on Chart: You can now view the WebPT ID or Alternate ID on the patient's chart next to their name. 
  • 99072: This CPT code is now available to all user types. 
  • SOAP 2.0
    • HM Measures: Outcomes calculation used in HM measures 5, 6, and 7 has been updated to factor in a patient's pain level. 
    • MIPS 2021 Requirements: All QPP updates to the 2021 MIPS program have been completed.
    • Case Summary: The Case Summary has been enhanced to display additional case information, reducing the need to navigate to the patient's 1.0 record.
    • Added Electrical Stimulation: Electrical Stimulation (Unattended) is available in Planned Procedures and can be pre-selected in Profiles.


  • Apply Therapy Modifiers: The GP, GO, GN modifiers will correctly appear in the Prefix field, in the primary position. No commas are included in the HL7 transmission unless more than one modifier is added.
  • SOAP 2.0
    • Measure 154: Measure 154 was unable to be completed without finalizing an OMT even for patients who don't have a history of falls.
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