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April 1, 2021 Updates

Each quarter, NCCI releases an updated set of Edit Rules set to go into effect at the top of each quarter. For Q2 2021—starting on April 1, 2021—the following codes will no longer apply 59 modifiers to the code pair when the CCI edits option is checked for an insurance payer in the WebPT EMR

98970 with G2061
98971 with G2061
98972 with G2061
99358 with G2061
99359 with G2061
99421 with G2061
99422 with G2061
99423 with G2061
99441 with G2061
99442 with G2061
99443 with G2061
98970 with G2062
98971 with G2062
98972 with G2062
99358 with G2062
99359 with G2062
99421 with G2062
99422 with G2062
99423 with G2062
99441 with G2062
99442 with G2062
99443 with G2062
98970 with G2063
98971 with G2063
98972 with G2063
99358 with G2063
99359 with G2063
99421 with G2063
99422 with G2063
99423 with G2063
99441 with G2063
99442 with G2063
99443 with G2063
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