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The 21st Century Cures Act: Information Blocking

On April 5, 2021, new regulations from the 21st Century Cures Act take effect to improve the sharing of electronic information with patients and between organizations.

What is WebPT doing to comply with these new rules?
Because the WebPT EMR is a non-CEHRT platform, the obligations under the final rule of the 21st Century Cures Act relating to information blocking do not apply. 
Am I obligated to respond to EHI requests (Electronic Health Information)?

Yes, rehab therapists are included in these new regulations. You can learn more about the final rule and your responsibilities by reviewing the APTA's Practice Advisory on Information Blocking.

How can I respond to patient requests for EHI? 
While WebPT doesn't have a self-service portal for this purpose, you can create PDFs of your clinical notes and any associated documents using Batch Print in 1.0 or 2.0.
If you need to send SOAP 1.0 documentation electronically, you can also use the Document Portal. If you use this method, you will need to add the patient as an outside contact during the send process.
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