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Appointment Reminder Statuses

Appointment Reminder Statuses are available in the Previous Appointments and Upcoming Appointments section of the patient chart.

Once you open the Previous or Upcoming Appointments you’ll see all the listed appointment details in addition to the Reminder Status.

Upcoming AppointmentsPrevious AppointmentsStatus Definitions
  • None - This status appears when an appointment reminder was not created or when the reminder is missing phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Scheduled - The reminder is set up properly and is scheduled to go out at a future date or is in the vendor queue to go out.
  • Sent - The reminder was sent.
  • Not Sent - The reminder was not sent for the patient. There are several reasons this may occur:
    • The Add Patient Reminder box was un-checked in the appointment window.
    • The appointment was scheduled after the start date or start time of the appointment had already passed.

For additional information or to view the text/email reminder, use the reminder log located in the Tools menu.

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