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WebPT Ideas Portal

Do you have a great idea that would improve WebPT products? Great! As your therapy partner, WebPT would like to hear your ideas and feedback on our products. 

Navigating the Ideas Portal

  1. From your web browser, navigate to Ideas.WebPT.com.
  2. Before submitting a new idea, search for your idea to make sure it has not already been submitted. You can search using the Search ideas bar, filter by Status and Category, or change results on the page by Recent, Trending, and Popular.
  3. Once you find your Idea or one similar, you can VOTE and Comment on it. 
  4. You will be required to sign up with an Email Address if you have not already done so. The WebPT Product team will use this information to contact you with any questions.
  5. Once you have filled out this information, you will be directed to the individual comment to leave any additional feedback. If you'd like to keep track of this Idea, click Subscribe
  6. Use the Home link or the WebPT Icon to navigate back to the home page. 
  7. On the home page, keep track of your past votes and ideas under My Votes and My Ideas.

Submitting a New Idea

  1. Select Click to submit your great idea!
  2. Choose the product you have an idea for from the drop-down list.
  3. Complete the fields as thoroughly as possible. The more detail you can provide about your idea, how it will benefit you and others like you, and the desired outcome the more accurately we will be able to address your request. Additionally, by giving us your email address, you’ll receive updates related to your idea. This includes if it gets picked up for development.


To view a step-by-step video and FAQ article about the WebPT Ideas Portal, click here: WebPT Ideas Portal FAQ!

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