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Documentation Move Request

If your therapist accidentally added notes under a wrong case or under a wrong clinic, please reach out to support@webpt.com or call 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 1 to request a note move. Support is also available in the WebPT EMR through Live Chat (located in the lower-left corner of your screen) to move the note to the correct case/clinic. 

Note: Support cannot move Discharge or Initial Evaluation notes.
Note Move Prerequisites:
  • The placeholder Initial Evaluationā€™s date of service must be before the date of service of the note you want us to move to the new case.
  • SOAP 2.0 notes cannot be moved. If a SOAP 2.0 note has been finalized in the incorrect case or clinic, you must no charge the note, and add a new note in the correct case or clinic. 
After the note move:
  • Once a note is moved by Support, the therapist will need to addend all moved notes in chronological order (oldest to newest by date of service).
  • Once notes have been moved and an addendum has been added these will become the most recent finalized notes. Please keep this in mind as it will potentially disrupt the flow of data for the next Date of Service. This is important if you are moving notes to a case with existing documentation.
  • To ensure accurate data flow, the therapist may need to update (most importantly but not limited to) :
    • Medical Diagnosis
    • Treatment Diagnosis
    • Current Complaints / Gains
    • Pain Scale
    • Functional Limitations
    • Medical History
    • Assessment/Diagnosis
    • Problem List
    • Goal List
  • For the most accurate Missed Notes Report, ensure that the case selected on the patient's appointment is the same case that the documentation was moved to for all affected dates of service. 
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