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Note Data Recovery Requests

While the exact cause of lost note data can vary, there are some things you can do as soon as you notice lost data to increase the odds of some successful recovery. 

Data Recovery Notes
  • Data recovery can only be attempted on the Objective tab of evaluative type notes in SOAP 1.0. 
  • Data can only be restored based on the most recent time the note was saved, this includes auto-saves which occur every 60 seconds by default.
What to do when you realize you've lost data

Because we can only pull data from the most recent time the note was saved, we recommend exiting the SOAP note as soon as you realize that data is missing without saving. Click on the WebPT icon to navigate to the dashboard or the Records section and do not save the draft. While this may seem counterintuitive it will give you the best odds of recovering the lost data. 

Please contact our Support team to request note data recovery. When we attempt the data recovery, we won't know what has been recovered as the data is encoded so you'll need to open the note to confirm if the effort was successful. 

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