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WebPT Invoice FAQ

Let’s review some common questions Members have about their WebPT and RCM/RevEquip invoices.

When should I expect to receive my invoice?

Typically, invoices are sent out once per month on the day you completed the Order Form provided by your sales rep. For example, if you completed the order process for the WebPT EMR on 1/21, you’ll receive your monthly invoice on the 21st of each month.

If you’ve purchased RCM or RevEquip billing services, you’ll receive a separate invoice that is typically sent on the 1st or 15th of each month. 

Finally, if you are adding a license or product, you’ll receive a prorated invoice for the new charge(s) as soon as your order is processed by the Member Services team. After this prorated invoice, the new licenses/products will be incorporated into your regular monthly invoice.

What am I paying for? The month previous or the current month?
  • All WebPT products are billed one month in advance. So when you receive an invoice on 2/18, you’re paying for 2/18 through 3/17. 
  • For RCM services and RevEquip, you’re paying for the previous month, so if you receive an invoice on 2/15, you’re paying for 1/1 - 1/31. 
Why are my WebPT Products billed separately from my RCM/RevEquip Services?

They are billed separately due to the different billing cycles. Because RCM/RevEquip services are paid for the previous month and your product subscription is paid for the upcoming month, you’ll receive separate invoices. 

How do prorated licenses work?

Our system will automatically prorate licenses added during an active billing cycle from the day the license was added to the next billing cycle, down to the minute. You’ll receive a separate invoice for the added license(s). This invoice won’t show the standard license rate, just what you’re paying for the rest of this month until the next billing cycle. It also won’t show a discount. Check out this example:

If I remove a provider license during my current billing period, do I get a credit for the unused time?

No. Once the month has been billed, the license is yours until the next billing cycle. We recommend removing the unneeded license 24 hours before your next billing date to ensure you won’t be charged for it again. For example: If you are charged on the 19th, make sure to submit your request by the evening of the 17th to ensure a full 24 hours notice is given.

How can I change which email address receives my invoice(s)?

Please email memberservices@webpt.com to update the email on file. You must be a decision-maker on the account to request this change. Important: You can only have one email for the invoice. 

When should I make adjustments to my account to ensure they’re reflected on my next invoice?

You can request adjustments (like removing licenses or products) to your account up to 24 hours prior to your next invoice date. For example, if your invoice date is the 19th, please submit the request no later than the close of business on the 17th. This ensures a full 24 hours for us to make the adjustments.  

Send your requests to memberservices@webpt.com or give us a call at 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 4.

Payment Methods and Balance Due

Depending on the invoice type and your chosen payment method, your Balance Due may not reflect an actual balance.

  • Credit Card: If you pay your WebPT Product(s) Invoice by credit card, you’ll see a $0.00 balance due as the invoice reflects the payment was successfully processed when the invoice was sent. 
    • If you typically pay by credit card but your invoice is showing a balance due, this means your credit card has failed. Please call Member Services 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 4, to update your credit card information. 
  • ACH/Check: If you pay your WebPT Product(s) invoice by ACH or check, you’ll see a balance due as these are manually processed by our finance department, and the payment will be made within three days after the invoice was sent. 
  • RCM and RevEquip Invoices: you’ll see a balance due on your billing service invoice as these are manually processed by our finance department after the invoice has been sent. 
Updating Your Credit Card

If you need to update your credit card, please call our Member Services team at 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 4. You will need to provide the complete card information including the full card number, even if you just need to update the expiration date. We can only see the last four digits of the card once it's securely saved in our invoicing system.

If you do not want to call, you can complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and fax it to our Finance Department using the secure fax line listed on the form. Please allow three days for processing. 

Updating Your ACH Payment Information

If you need to update your ACH, please complete the Electronic Payment Authorization Form and fax it to our Finance Department using the secure fax line listed on the form. Please allow three days for processing.

How do Credits appear on my RCM/RevEquip Invoices? 

If there are any credits on your account, you’ll see a negative rate and the total amount that your invoice will be credited shows as a negative amount.  

How do Discounts appear on my WebPT Product Invoice?

Discounts show as a separate Discount (Subscription) line with a negative rate and amount showing the discounted amount.

How can I view my recurring discount on my WebPT Product Invoice? 

Recurring credits are shown on your invoice as a lower rate charged for the license or product than our standard pricing. For example, let's say provider licenses cost $99, in this invoice, we can see a recurring discount has been applied to the provider license, as the rate is $82.11.

How do I know which locations I’m paying for?

The subscription number and clinic name appear in the Subscription section. If you have chosen to separate out your invoices by clinic location, you can update the invoice subscription name to your preference, making it easier to tell them apart. The numbers will remain, but you can email memberservices@webpt.com to update what appears after the dash.

If you have combined invoices, the company name will be listed and all clinic locations will be represented in a single invoice. You can ask to have this updated as well.  

Can I go online to view my past invoices?

We do not have a way for Members to view past invoices. You can email a request to memberservices@webpt.com with the invoicing period you want to view and we’ll email you the related invoices. 


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