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Pairing Staged Outcomes FAQ (SOAP 2.0)

Once a patient has completed the OMT questionnaire through one of the three intake methods, you’ll need to pair the intake to the note. The following FAQs can help you navigate this process.

Once a patient submits the questionnaire, where can I view the staged outcome?

The completed/staged OMT will appear on the Patient Records page in the Notes section. You may need to refresh the browser to view the entry.

Why can’t I click on the staged outcome in the Notes section? I want to view the survey results.

The staged outcome can be viewed within the note after pairing it to the correct note type.

You can also view/print a PDF of the patient’s OMT responses from the Patient Visit Report.

Does it matter what survey type I select for the outcome? 

No, you can pair any survey type with any note type. 

How can I pair a staged outcome to a note?

Once you begin the note, a pop-up appears indicating an outcome is available to pair. Click Pair Test.
You will automatically be directed to the staged outcome in the Standardized Tests section. Click on the OMT title in the staged outcome section to add it to the note.

Can I pair the staged outcome to a note I have already started?

Yes, you can pair an outcome to a note that is “In Progress.” You may need to refresh your browser while viewing the Patient Record page.

Can I pair the staged outcome to a finalized note?

Yes, if you have a staged outcome available that is not yet paired with a note, you can follow the steps in this guide to pair the outcome by adding an addendum

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