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Physician Signatures

CMS requires the patient's referring physician to sign-off on the patient's initial plan of care within 30 days of the initial visit and every 90 days after that to ensure payment. This is true whether Medicare is the patient's primary or secondary payer. 

You can track signature requirements using the Plan of Care Report

Upload Signed Plan of Care

Upload the signed document through eDoc following these instructions.

  • Quick Scan: Click Quick Scan to scan a document directly into the chart. Click here for instructions on setting up Quick Scan.
  • Upload: Click Browse to upload a document already saved to a file folder.
    • If you click Browse, locate the file to upload. Click on the file or type in the name. Then click Open. 
    • Select the Document Type, using Plan of Care as appropriate.            
    • Type in a Document Name.
    • Change the Date of Receipt, if necessary.
    • Include an Expiration Date.
    • Use the Assigned Case drop-down to assign to one case or all cases. 
    • Click the Signed Document checkbox, if the document is signed.
    • Click Save Document.
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