WebPT RevFlow Analytics Connection

This feature is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out over the following weeks.

Many key billing reports, including Month-End reports, are available in WebPT Analytics.

Important: These reports are only available to users integrated with WebPT Billing.

Log into the WebPT EMR

In order to access these Analytics reports, you will first need to have access and log into the WebPT EMR.

Tip: Set up SSO to link your EMR and Billing accounts to make this sign-in process easier going forward.

Accessing Analytics

Next, click on the Analytics link at the top of the WebPT EMR screen to open Analytics. Don’t see the Analytics option? You probably don’t have the Analytics Access permission enabled on your profile. A User Manager from your organization can enable the permission for you. 

Reports Menu

Once you’ve accessed Analytics, you will see the reports menu on the left side of the screen.

  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Your billing reports are available in the Accounts Receivable, Charges & Payments, and Month End sections. 
  3. Click on the report name to open.

AR Reports

The following reports are available for Accounts Receivable.

Report Name Description Report Type
Accounts Receivable Displays all patients with balances greater than $0 for each individual charge line. Analysis Grid
Patient Statement Listing View all patients with outstanding balances in a closed month and monitor patient accounts receivable at a patient statement level. Data Table
Location Summary Evaluate the health of each location by examining revenue, new business, and insurance reimbursement. Data Table
Aging A/R View your accounts receivable in aging buckets by Insurance or Location. This allows you to understand the time-frame between providing service and receiving payment. This report runs by Date of Service. Data Table

Charge and Payment Reports 

The following reports are available for Charges & Payments.
Report Name Description Report Type
Payment Detail View all payments (and adjustments) made on billed charges Analysis Grid
Charge Detail See all charges with an outstanding balance Analysis Grid
Fully Paid Claims by Visit Gain understanding into the percentage of billable charges the insurance companies have paid Data Table
Fully Paid CPT Code Analyze which CPT Codes have the best chance of getting paid Data Table
CPT Code Charge Evaluate how providers and clinic locations are assessing billed units within CPT Codes Data Table
Monthly Transaction Summary Used to evaluate clinic productivity and cash flow management. This report displays data by month. Data Table
Charge Claim Delay View all of the charges that are being held by your clinic or RevFlow Data Table
Provider Summary Review information about individual providers Data Table

Month End

The following reports are available for Month End. These reports are procured as a static snapshot of your billing data taken when the month was closed. They are captured after all Month End procedures are completed in WebPT Billing or RevFlow, any changes will be reflected in the next month's data.

Report Name Description Report Type
Distributed Payments Review payment distribution by Date of Service, Posting Date, or Distribution Date Data Table
Medicare Costs by Date of Service Review charges for patients with Medicare Part A as their primary or secondary insurance Data Table
Paid Claims by Visit Helps you understand the dollar amount collected from the insurance companies broken down by insurance class or clinic. This report only contains data for visits that have been fully paid, meaning the charges = payments + adjustments. This provides better insight into overall reimbursement rates.  Data Table
Accounts Receivable Lists the total charges, payments, and adjustments for each patient that occurred within the closed month and any remaining balances by age Analysis Grid
Associated Payments Displays a breakdown of total dollars posted in a specific month by insurance class. Payments are categorized into aging buckets based on the date of service of the paid charge. The report also includes unassigned payments. Analysis Grid
Management Report Card Measures the financial health of your company by comparing key metrics over the previous six closed months Data Table
Clinic Aging Summary Shows a snapshot of your clinic charges, payments, and outstanding A/R for each clinic location.  Data Table
Month End Trends Allows you to view key data points over the previous 12 months. This view allows you to quickly compare items like Billed Visits and Charges month over month. Data Table
Clinic Breakdown Displays billed new patients, billed visits, total units with the associated charges, payments, and adjustments for each clinic location Data Table
Payments Breakdown Shows the breakdown of payment amounts by Payment Code. Data Table
Adjustments Breakdown Displays a list of adjustments by Adjustment Code and Adjustment Code Description. It is useful for understanding why adjustments were made. Data Table
Ins Class Aging Summary Contains a complete list of your outstanding A/R for each insurance at the close of the month. 
Note: A patient’s account may be listed under multiple insurance classes. For example, a patient may be listed under Blue Cross (BX) if there are unpaid claims pending from Blue Cross, and they may also be listed in Cash Patient (CP) if they have an unpaid patient balance. The Cash Patient (CP) insurance class includes Unassigned Payments.
Data Table
Insurance Class Breakdown Shows the dollar amount of payments and adjustments collected over the month to help you determine which insurance classes are most profitable. Data Table
Provider Breakdown Displays new patients, visits, charges, and payment details by Provider. It is useful for determining provider productivity.

Data Table