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Create Member Groups

*This product is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out over the following weeks.

Organize teams of individuals responsible for completing the same types of tasks into Member Groups. This allows you to assign tasks to group work queues. Task Types and Members Groups complement one another. For example, if you create Member Groups that are responsible for different processes such as Benefit Verifications or Authorizations, task types assist in defining or evaluating assignments for the specified groups.

Create Member Groups for individuals at your clinic who have similar roles such as Clerical Admin, Back Office, and Therapist. Once tasks are assigned to the member group, individual members can self-assign or assign the task to another member of the group. 

Note: Gray rows on the Group table indicate a system-generated (also known as Dynamic) Member Group. Users are automatically placed in a member group based on the clinic locations in the user's profile. Users can view the individuals in Dynamic Member Groups, but the groups cannot be edited. 
  1. Select the Settings tab to manage Member Groups. To create a new Member Group, click Create Member Group.
    Note: To navigate back to the Tasks Table, click the WebPT Tasking logo in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Enter the Member Group details.
    1. Group Name: Enter the name of the group (Clerical, Therapists, etc.)
    2. Description: Enter additional information about the group purpose.
    3. Access Setting: This is a default setting and cannot be updated.
    4. Organizations: Use the checkboxes to select which organization(s) this group belongs to. Once a task is assigned to the group, this organization will have access to the task. Note: This field is only available if you have access to more than one WebPT organization.
    5. Members: Use the checkboxes to select the individual members that belong to this group. Only users who have access to each organization chosen will appear on this list.  Once a task is assigned to the group, these individuals will have access to the task.
  3. Click Save to create the new member group.
  4. The member group is now available in the Groups table and for use in task creation. Select the group to edit details, add or remove members, or delete the group entirely.
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