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Add a New Task

This product is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out over the following weeks.

Add a New Task

  1. From the EMR Dashboard, select Tasks from the navigation bar. The icon displays the number of your current open tasks.
  2. From WebPT Billing, select the Tasks icon from the navigation bar.
  3. In the Patient Search bar, enter at least three characters of the patient’s first or last name or the full EMR patient ID, then select the patient. Filter your results by Company and Location. Results are based on your user permissions and the clinics/locations you have access to.
  4. The Tasks table will display all tasks the patient is linked to. 
  5. To add a new task, select the Add Task button in the top right corner.
  6. Enter the Task Details.

    1. Task ID: Use the Task ID to communicate about specific tasks outside of the Tasking platform. Click on the Task ID to copy it to your device’s clipboard.
    2. Created Date: The date the Task was originally created.
    3. Organization (required): If you belong to multiple organizations, use the drop-down menu to select which company the task tag belongs to.
    4. Type (required): Use the drop-down menu to assign an action (Task, Reminder, Call Patient, Authorizations, General). Task Types enhance your filtering views and assist in defining or evaluating assignments.
    5. Task Name (required): Enter the name of the task (i.e. Reschedule appointment).
    6. Assign to: Assign the task to a person or group.
      1. Select Individual if you would like to assign the task to yourself or an individual member of your company. Hover over Assign to to quickly assign the task to yourself. 
      2. Select Group if you would like to assign the task to a Group or Organization. Click here to learn how to create a group.
        Tip: Members who use RevServe and/or RevEquip can assign tasks to their RCM team. 

    7. Due Date: Use the calendar to assign a completion date. The default selection is today’s date. Past due Due Dates will be marked red in the Task Details and Task Table.
      Note: Dates that have already passed may not be selected as the Due Date.

    8. Status: Use the drop-down menu to note progress (defaults to Not Started):

      • Closed
      • Open 
      • Not Started 
      • Completed
      • In Progress
      • Blocked
      • On Hold

        Completed vs Closed 
        Completed: The Task was completed and no further work is needed. 

        Closed: Signals that an action was taken on a Task, which closes the request and allows it to be reassigned for additional work to bring it to completion.
    9. Priority: Use the drop-down menu to define urgency (Low, Medium, High, Urgent)
    10. Description: Enter additional details about the task.
    11. Link Patient: Manually link a patient to the task by using the patient search bar.  
    12. EMR Chart: Navigate to the patient's chart in 1.0.
    13. Comments: Add comments to yourself or other task members.
    14. Tags: Use the drop-down to attach tags to the task for enhanced filtering.
  7. Toggle from the Comments tab to the Tags tab to add a tag to a task. Use the drop-down menu to view the active tasks, or enter key terms in the search bar.
  8. Use the checkboxes to add multiple tags.
  9. After making your selections, click Save.
  10. The task will appear in the Tasks Table. The Task Queue icon will update for all users, or members of groups, the task is assigned to.
  11. From the Tasks list, tasks can be filtered by tag. Hover over the tag to view the full list of tag names.

Edit and Complete a Task

  1. From the Tasks table, click on a task to view or edit the task details.
  2. Edit the task details by selecting the text field. Use the Status drop-down menu to track progress. Use the Add a comment field to make internal notes about the task status.

  3. Once you have completed the task, click on the checkmark on the Tasks list or select the Mark Complete button on the Task drawer.
  4. Tasks with blue checkmarks are Completed. View Completed tasks by selecting Clear All Filters.

Now that you know how to create a task, begin assigning tasks to a Member Group and creating Task Tags.


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