Integrated Flowsheets in SOAP 2.0

Under Development

This feature is currently in Limited Release and will be gradually rolled out over the next few weeks. Until this feature is available, here are your options: 

  1. If you are currently documenting your flowsheets on paper, continue documenting on paper and uploading the flowsheet to the eDoc at the end.
  2. If you are using our flowsheets in 1.0, you can continue to use the 1.0 flowsheets and we will eventually port these flowsheets in 1.0 over to be visible in 2.0.
  3. If you are currently documenting flowsheet activities on the Objective/Billing tab in 1.0, the easiest place to document these activities in 2.0 is in the Additional Comments under the Objective section. This will carry forward from each note and can easily be updated.

WebPT’s Integrated Flowsheets in SOAP 2.0 allows you to document a patient’s treatment and activities within the SOAP note. 

Key terms:
  • Activities: Exercises to be completed via hands on in-person therapy.
  • Interventions: Interaction of the PT (or others involved in care) with the patient designed to improve movement, reduce pain, restore function and prevent future loss of mobility.
  • Modalities: Energy treatment tools used to produce a therapeutic response such as Ultrasounds, Icing, Heating, etc.

Flowsheet documentation carries forward from one note to the next, recording performed exercises and measurement values.

  1. In the Flowsheet section, select Activities/Interventions.
  2. Click Add activity to open the Activities Drawer.Click Add flowsheet from profile to open the Content Drawer and search for the desired profile. With profiles, activity details (Procedure Type, Sets, Reps, etc.) can pre-populate to save documentation time.

    To learn more about creating profiles for flowsheets, click here.
  3. On the Interventions tab, enter keywords in the search bar and select the checkbox(es) to document the desired interventions.
  4. On the Modalities tab, enter keywords in the search bar and select the checkbox(es) to document the desired physical therapeutic agents.
  5. Click the Selections tab to review the selected Interventions and Modalities. Once are you satisfied with your selections, click Add Activities.
  6. Interventions: Use the drop-down menu to select the Procedure Type, this links the exercise to the related CPT Code. Enter the Resistance, Sets, Reps, Hold, Rest, and Duration in the appropriate text fields. Note: Exercises cannot be billed without the Procedure Type selected.
  7. Modalities: Enter the Location(s), Position, and Duration in the appropriate text fields. Duration is used to calculate the total number of units to include in the Charge Summary. 
  8. Use the following options to edit the activities: 
    1. Select the Menu [=] icon to rearrange the activities.
    2. Select the Pencil icon to edit activity details. Depending on the activity selected, you may have additional data entry fields. Note: Exercises with a Discontinued status will not carry forward to subsequent notes.
    3. Select the Trash icon to delete an activity.
  9. To complete an activity, select the Check icon for the appropriate activity, then enter the Minutes in the Billable Procedures section. Tip: The Minutes entered in the Billable Procedures section will automatically populate in the Charge Summary section
  10. Select the Check icon at the top of the Flowsheets section to mark all activities complete. This will add all completed activities to the Charge Summary section.
  11. Preview your selections before finalizing the note. Once an activity is complete, it will appear in the preview, as well as on the finalized note. 
  12. Your Flowsheet information will automatically populate in the Charge Summary section with the CPT code and associated minutes. Verify the appropriate number of units are calculated with the minutes billed for each activity. The number of units is calculated based on the Rule of 8s or 8-Minute Rule, depending on how the insurance is set up. If the patient has two insurances with different settings, your Payer Rules Company Setting will determine which rule is followed.
  13. Your Flowsheet information will appear in the Flowsheet section of the finalized note and will carry forward on the next note. Activities are grouped by Procedure type.