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FIS Worldpay - Merchant Account IDs

Due to business and card brand rules, it can be challenging to understand how to set up your company and clinic Merchant Account IDs (MIDs) for your business. This article will review the more common business scenarios our WebPT community may encounter.

To understand these complex situations, you’ll need to understand the business and tax components involved in these business scenarios.  

Tax IDs and Licenses

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number (Tax ID) used to identify your business. If you are doing business as a Multi-Company Organization you may have multiple Tax IDs. As we review each scenario below we may refer to these as WebPT Instances or Licenses, essentially this is each unique company Tax ID represented in the WebPT EMR.

Physical and Mobile Businesses

In addition, there may be businesses that operate in a single physical location or home-base and provide onsite or mobile care to employers or other organizations. These businesses may not be required to operate under multiple Tax IDs, therefore there is only one Tax ID number assigned to the business.

Merchant Account ID (MID)

The Merchant Account ID (MID) is a unique number that identifies your business throughout the credit card payment process. You can think of it as an account number that is shared among several service providers when transferring payments from the customer’s account to your merchant account. The Merchant Account ID (MID) is required by many of the card brands (Visa/MC/AMEX).

Now, let’s review the more common business scenarios we’ve encountered with our WebPT Members.

Scenario 1: More than one physical clinic location with the same TaxID (A member has 2 physical clinics, with different addresses and are both under the same Tax ID)

In this instance:

  • The member would need 2 merchant accounts (MIDs), one for each physical location. This is due to the card brand rules (Visa/MC/AMEX) that require each physical location to have a separate merchant account. 
  • If you prefer, both of these merchant accounts can route to the same bank account information.

Scenario 2: Multiple WebPT Company Licenses, Single Location, Same Tax ID (A member has 1 physical location, but more than one instance of WebPT, and the Same TaxID. This can occur in various ways)

For example, a member has a standard clinic location (WebPT EMR instance 1) and offers ‘onsite’ care to several employers (WebPT EMR instance 2). 

Since the clinic operates out of a single location and offers a mobile service to the employer, you can use the same merchant credentials for the 2nd instance of WebPT.  This would apply to various versions of the above scenario in the event a member has multiple WebPT EMR clinics to separate their documenting or reporting for ‘home’, ‘onsite’, or other remote-based therapy services.

Scenario 3: One WebPT Company License, Multiple TaxIDs, and Multiple Merchant Account IDs (A member has 2 separate Tax IDs and would like to have 2 separate merchant accounts but they are documenting and scheduling together in one instance of WebPT EMR (e.g. only 1 Clinic ID.)

We are not able to accommodate this situation since the WebPT EMR can only be associated with 1 Merchant Account ID (MID) and associated credentials.  

For this scenario: 

  • We recommended the larger business entity (larger patient volume) should have Integrated Payments and take payments from within the EMR. 
  • The smaller business entity (smaller patient volume) can get a stand-alone terminal from Worldpay and still have the funds route to the appropriate bank account. 

Note: For the data to be recorded accurately, all transactions made in the stand-alone terminal, need to be recorded as Debit Card transactions.

Scenario 4: Adding a New Clinic Location to FIS WorldPay

Congratulations! Your business is growing and you’ve decided to add a new clinic location to service your community. What’s next? Aside from the new location, building, equipment, and supplies, you will need to contact FIS WorldPay at 1-800-846-4472 to apply for an additional merchant account (MID).

Note: You will need one MID for each physical location. This is due to the card brand rules (Visa/MC/AMEX) that indicate a merchant account ID (MID) is required for each physical location. If you prefer you can route all merchant accounts to the same bank account information.

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