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ICD-10 Favorites/500 Error (SOAP 1.0)

The ICD-10 selector includes a Favorites tab. This feature enables users to save and quickly access commonly used ICD-10 codes.

500 Error

We recommend having 25 or fewer favorites. Any more than that can cause a 500 error when documenting. If you experience this error, please try removing 3-5 favorited ICD-10 codes.

To add a code to your list of favorites, click on the star that appears to the right of the ICD-10 code within the search results.

To display your entire list of saved codes, click the Favorites tab, as shown below.

To remove a code from your list of favorites, navigate to the Favorites tab and click the SAVED button to the right of the code.

Please note that WebPT stores favorites at a user level. Thus, you cannot create clinic-wide lists of favorites or share favorites lists among users. 

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