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Troubleshooting Integrated Payments (Worldpay)

Need help troubleshooting Worldpay and your devices? We've provided some basic troubleshooting steps that resolve most of the common Member issues when collecting patient payments with Worldpay from FIS.

Note: Discover how to Set Up your Lane/3000 device with tap-and-chip reading capability. and more about the Ingenico Lane/3000 device troubleshooting

Basics, SREDKey, SREDKey2 device, and Lane 3000 Device Troubleshooting

Why does My Lane 3000 device not display the activation code?

The device requires power and an active ethernet port. 

  • If the device is plugged in and has power check multiple ethernet ports to see if the code will display. We do not recommend network/ethernet adapters or extenders.
  • Is there a firewall blocking the connection? See additional instructions for network guidance.
  • Was the device configuration changed? Do not change the settings manually. If this happens contact WebPT Support

Which browser are you using Chrome or Firefox?

These are the two browsers we recommend. Safari is not recommended.

Are your Worldpay from FIS credentials added to your Clinic Settings?

Verify your credentials are applied to your account. If you do not see credentials, your account has not been enabled yet because we are still waiting on credentials from Worldpay from FIS. You'll receive an email from WebPT when we receive your credentials and enable your account.

  1. Using your clinic drop-down menu, select  Clinic Settings.
  2. Locate the WebPT Payments Integration Credentials section.

Do you have permission to Edit/Delete Patient Transactions on your profile?

Collecting payments requires permission. If you don't have the Edit/Delete Patient Transactions you won't be able to collect patient payments. You may need to get in touch with your User Manager to add this permission.

Are you selecting Credit Card from the Payment Method drop-down?

Integrated payments only work with the Credit Card Payment Method. You cannot use the Debit Card option to collect payments through Worldpay from FIS. 

Are you selecting Collect Payments before swiping the card?

If you don't see  Waiting for input under Card Information, please click Collect Payments. You can't swipe until you see the Waiting for input message.

Are you keeping the mouse in the payment window when swiping the card?

The mouse must be within the red box below for the transaction to record properly. 

Are you running a transaction and nothing is happening?

Follow these steps to determine whether you have an issue with the card reader device itself. Ensure the card reader is plugged into your computer before starting these steps.

  1. Open Notepad on your computer (All Windows machines have notepad installed automatically).
  2. Click into the Notepad window and keep your mouse hovered over the window.
  3. Swipe a credit card on your device.
  4. Click on Format and choose Word Wrap. 
  5. The script entered by the device should look similar to the screenshot below. If it does not, it's likely your device is malfunctioning. Please reach out to your Worldpay from FIS representative and request a replacement for the defective device. 
  6. If you are replacing a defective device, you can still run transactions in your iQ portal. In the EMR, you can manually record the payments collected in the IQ portal using the payment type "Debit Card" until you receive your new device.
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