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WebPT EDU (Student EMR)

WebPT EDU is the educational version of WebPT, specifically designed for use in the classroom or instructional clinic. Please note: CPT® codes are not available for selection while documenting in the EDU version.

Students can learn how to use the system by enrolling in the WebPT EMR EDU training course in the WebPT University.

Key EDU Differences

  • WebPT EDU does not include the ability to calendars, schedule appointments, or create Custom IE Profiles.
  • Additionally, students will not be able to add CPT® codes to their documentation due to associated fees from the American Medical Association.
  • All finalized documentation includes an “Educational” watermark to indicate the notes were created for educational purposes only.

Request Bulk User Student Upload

  1. If you have 25 or more users to upload, please complete this spreadsheet and email it to support@webpt.com with the subject line "EDU Student User Upload".
  2. If you have fewer than 25 users to add, please follow the instructions here on how to add a user. Don't forget to use 9999999995 as the placeholder NPI.
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