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How to Access a Patient Chart

There are multiple ways you can access the Patient Chart. The easiest methods are by clicking the patient name from your schedule or searching for a patient via the location's entire list of patients. 

Let's review the steps for accessing a patient's chart! 

Reviewing a Patient Chart via the Schedule

  1. Click View Schedule in the Scheduler manager.

  2. On your schedule, you can hover over the patient’s appointment then click the name link from the popup menu to open the patient chart.

  3. Now, you’re in the patient’s chart.

    1. You can also search for a specific patient of yours by using the Search my Patients search box at the top of the screen.
      Note: Only active patients appear when you search with the Search My Patients field.

Review Patient Chart via Location’s list of Patients

  1. Use the advanced search feature. Click Display Patients under the Patient Manager.

  2. Use the patient search box to search for patients. Once you type the desired information into the appropriate search fields, click search.

    Note: The patient search box allows you to locate a patient using any combination of the advanced search filters. Use this search when covering for a colleague or looking for a discharged patient.
  3. Once you’ve located the patient click their name to open their patient record.

  4. From the patient chart, you can review the patient’s demographic information as well as information related to their case and treatment.

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