How to Find Missing or Expiring Insurance Policy Dates

Review expiring insurance policy dates to ensure you always have the patient’s most up-to-date insurance information. We recommend reviewing expiring policies quarterly, or at the end of every calendar year. 

To check for missing or expiring policy dates you will need to use the Analytics Patient List. This will require Analytics permission

  1. From the EMR Dashboard, click on Analytics at the top of the page.
  2. On the navigation panel, expand the Management section and select Patient List. Note: It may take a few minutes for this report to generate depending on how large your active patient list is.
  3. Select the Filter button. Important: Ensure Active is selected in the View Data By drop-down.
  4. Use the drop-down menus to find all active patients with missing or expiring Policy Dates. After making your selections, click Add to apply the filter.
    1. Filter Column: Select Policy End Date.
    2. Comparison: Select the Less Than/Equal To sign. This option will include all patients with policies that have expired or will expire by the specified date.
    3. Value: Select Specific Date, then use the calendar. In this example, we are generating a report of all patients with policies that will expire this calendar year.
  5. After applying the filter, click the Export icon to generate a list of patients with missing or expiring Policy End Dates. It may take a few moments for this report to generate.