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SOAP 2.0 Tuesday Tips

Stay in touch with the latest and greatest in SOAP 2.0 by viewing our weekly Tuesday Tips.


WebPT Templates are the default configuration for all notes in SOAP 2.0. 

  • To learn more about Templates, click here.
  • For more information on adding or removing content fields, click here.


WebPT Profiles complement Templates by allowing you to add additional documentation fields tailored to the patient's treatment plan.

  • To learn more about Profiles, click here.
  • For more information on adding or removing content fields, click here.

Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts allow you to include important safety information or patient info.

  • For more information on custom alerts, click here.

Converting In-Progress Notes

During documentation, you may realize you need to switch to a different note type as the patient's situation evolves; that's where converting a note comes in.

  • To learn more about converting notes, click here.

Adding Note Content On-The-Fly

When documenting a patient's case, you may realize you need to add additional subsections to the note. The SOAP content drawer allows you to search and select additional profiles and content fields.

  • To learn more about adding content fields during documentation, click here.


WebPT Analytics provides insight into productivity and key metrics at your organization through the use of dashboards, charts, data tables, and analysis grids.

  • To learn more about Analytics User Permissions, click here
  • To view the Reports Crosswalk, click here.
  • For an overview of WebPT Analytics, click here.
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