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How to Transition Patient Cases to SOAP 2.0

While we recommend starting new patient cases in 2.0, you can transition a Medicare or Non-Medicare case from 1.0 to 2.0.

Before transitioning from 1.0 to 2.0, here are a few reminders: 

  • Any data entered in SOAP 1.0 notes will not carry forward into SOAP 2.0, meaning that if you transition a patient in the middle of a case, you will need to manually copy your most recent evaluative note into SOAP 2.0.
  • Once you have finalized a note in SOAP 2.0, the data will carry forward for all future 2.0 notes.
  • You can view and addend your finalized 1.0 documentation as needed, however once a patient’s case has been converted to SOAP 2.0, all new SOAP notes and case notes must occur in SOAP 2.0. 

Create Placeholder

  1. Navigate to the patient’s chart in 1.0 and select Click here to document faster.
  2. Create a placeholder Progress Note. You’ll copy your most recent evaluation note here. 
    1. Medicare: Click Create Progress Note to continue the patient’s treatment in 2.0. SOAP 1.0 notes can be viewed at the bottom of the Notes section.
    2. Non-Medicare: Select the Menu [...] button, then click Create Progress Note. In order to pull 1.0 data into 2.0, a Progress Note must be created before creating a Daily Note. SOAP 1.0 notes can be viewed at the bottom of the Notes section.
  3. Select the Yes radio button, then click Apply to permanently transition the patient’s case to SOAP 2.0 documentation.
  1. Complete the Progress Note by satisfying all required fields.
    1. Medicare: Date of Visit, Standardized Test(s), Medical and Treating Diagnoses, Planned Treatment and Schedule, and Plan of Care Dates. Note: Plan of Care Dates must be the same dates that were reported in SOAP 1.0 documentation. 
    2. Non-Medicare: Date of Visit and Medical and Treating Diagnoses
    3. Add any relevant tests and measures you’d like to pull forward on future documentation.
  2. In the Charge Summary section, select the Do Not Bill checkbox.
  3. Select Sign to finalize the Progress Note. To ensure documentation is saved in SOAP 2.0, the note must be finalized as a Progress Note. Do not convert the Progress Note to a Daily Note, otherwise the data will not save in 2.0.
  4. You have successfully transitioned the patient’s case to 2.0. Select the Date of Service to view, addend, or print the Progress Note.

Reminder: Once a patient’s case is transitioned to SOAP 2.0, you can no longer document the case in 1.0.

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