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Quick Scan Troubleshooting

Since your scanner is not a WebPT product, we cannot guarantee these recommendations and troubleshooting efforts will work.

If this is your first time using Quick Scan, you’ve recently purchased a new computer, or you’ve recently updated your browser or scanner drivers, please review eDoc: Quick Scan setup, to ensure your scanner is set up correctly before completing the troubleshooting steps below. 

Troubleshooting: Browse Functionality

  1. Once you determine your Quick Scan is set up correctly, use a different program to scan the document onto your computer. We recommend Microsoft Paint for Windows computers. If you find you cannot scan into your computer using another program, consult your IT professional to find out if there are other issues with your scanner or computer.
  2. If the scan was successful using the other program, upload this newly created file using Browse in Quick Scan.
    1. If uploading via Browse is not successful, right-click the file and select Properties to verify the size of the file.
    2. Remember, if the file size is 4 MB or larger it will not upload. You may need to scan the document in your other program at a lower resolution to reduce the size of the file or break up the document into fewer pages to reduce the file size, then upload the smaller file using Browse. 

Troubleshooting: Quick Scan Functionality

Once the upload of the file is successful using Browse, you can test each of the additional steps to work through the Quick Scan functionality.  Test each step below separately unless otherwise directed to do so.

  1. If you are trying to scan wirelessly, please try connecting the printer/scanner to the computer using a USB cord, then rescan your document.
  2. Clear the cache on your web browser, then rescan your document.
  3. Reset your web browser to the default settings, you will need to reinstall the Dynamsoft Plugin. Then, scan your document.
  4. Use a different web browser. Scan your document. Repeat steps 1-2 in the Browse functionality in the new browser.
  5. Download the latest version of the TWAIN driver for your scanner. From your web browser search bar, type the scanner manufacturer name and model followed by TWAIN driver. This step may require administrator access, from your computer.

If you are not successful with any of these steps, contact your IT professional for additional assistance.

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