Measure 226: Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention (SOAP 2.0)

This is a guide for 2.0 measure reporting. For 1.0 measure reporting, click here.

This measure is intended to promote adult tobacco screening and tobacco cessation interventions for those who use tobacco products. There is good evidence to suggest that tobacco screening and brief cessation intervention (including counseling and/or pharmacotherapy) is successful in helping tobacco users quit. Tobacco users who are able to stop using tobacco lower their risk for heart disease, lung disease, and stroke.

Note: This measure does not have a benchmark and is capped at 3 points.  

Who can report this measure?

PTs, OTs, and SLPs can report on this measure through the WebPT EMR MIPS functionality.

Patient Qualifications

  • Patient age (18 or older)
  • Visit Type: Initial Evaluation or Re-Evaluation

When do I report on this measure?

Reporting is once per performance period and only when an eligible procedure code is billed.

Eligible Procedure Codes

  • PT: 97161, 97162, 97163
  • OT: 97165, 97166, 97167, 97168
  • SLP: 92521, 92522, 92523, 92524

Measure Requirements

  • Determine whether the patient is a tobacco user. This includes any type of tobacco.
  • If the patient is a tobacco user, complete a Tobacco Cessation Intervention which includes brief counseling (3 minutes or less) and/or pharmacotherapy. Note: For the purpose of this measure, brief counseling (e.g., minimal and intensive advice/counseling interventions conducted both in person and over the phone) qualify as a quality intervention. Written self-help materials (e.g., brochures, pamphlets) and complementary/alternative therapies do not qualify.

Measure Specification

For more information on Measure 226, please see the Measure Specification Guide.

Measure Reporting in the WebPT EMR

  1. Click the MIPS badge in the Case Summary to view the current Measure Status. Here you will see all measures that the patient is eligible for based on their Diagnoses and Procedure Code.
  2. On the Subjective section, expand the Social History section and select the appropriate radio buttons in the Tobacco Use to answer the required field for Measure 226.
  3. If the patient does not use tobacco in any form, select the No radio button and continue documenting; you’ve satisfied the measure requirements for Not Eligible Patients.
  4. If the patient does use tobacco in any form, select the Yes radio button.
  5. Measure Met: Select one of the checkboxes to provide cessation intervention to satisfy measure requirements. This triggers a Measure Met in the Measure Status column.
  6. Excluded: Select the Excluded radio button if the patient meets any of the following reasons, then enter the Reason in the required field:
    1. Documentation of Medical Reason for not screening for tobacco use
    2. Documentation for not providing cessation intervention (e.g. limited life expectancy, other medical reason)
  7. Not Met: Select the Not Met radio button if tobacco screening not completed, reason not otherwise specified.